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ST. EUGEN’S has gone through a serious evolution, starting as a tiny idea and developing in to a big change but still conserving the essence of our past. If you want to enjoy the very best experiences… You are in the right place…!

Over these many years we have accumulated much experience and enjoyed many great moments. We keep impressing our customers and ourselves.

It turns out that nothing tastes as good as having a drink here…!


Whether it’s a relaxing drink, breakfast, lunch or a snack from our impressive menu or a meeting with friends, colleagues or clients we are here to serve you by day and by night.

Why not sample the very best cocktails and enjoy our shows or live sport on our many big screens.

A chilled out place to enjoy your time or a sophisticated, well equipped place to do your business.


Our stage has been and still is the home of many good artists for many years and now it is even wider and better.

First class entertainment in a first class place.

The best shows at the best bar

Performances & Events

Join Us For A Beer!

At our pub, you can taste local or foreign draft beer served at 4º degrees,
also we offer our guests different types of beer in bottles.
Take a look below to learn more about our best beers.


One of the most famous canarian beers for their smooth flavor and good quality.


The iconic black beer that sparked a legacy of brewing innovation.


5.0% lager beer with a variety of flavors has earned its place among the best.


fashionable different flavored cider around the world.

Our Menu

Day Time

  • HAM & CHESSE2,50€

    Bread - ham - cheese - tomato - lettuce and mayonnaise


    Bread - grilled vegetables - tomato and lettuse

  • ST. EUGEN'S3,50€

    Bread - crumbled chicken - mayonnaise - lettuse and tomato

  • CAPRESE3,50€

    Bread - serrano ham - mozzarella - oregano and tomato

  • ALOHA3,50€

    Bread - ham - cheese - pineapple and black olives

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  • ST. EUGEN'S5,50€

    Mix lettuce - tomato - carrot - corn - chicken - parmesan cheese and fried bread.

  • TROPICAL5,00€

    Mix lettuce - ham - pineapple - black olives - nuts - and fried bread.

  • CAPRESE5,00€

    Mix lettuce - basil - mozzarella - tomato and olives.

  • TENERIFE5,00€

    Mix lettuce - rocket - cucumber - tomato - turkey ham and boiled egg.

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Renewed & Reloaded 100% BETTER